PowerMaxx is all about getting you the very best in innovative portable charging solutions. 


Born out of frustration with existing chargers that don't last long, are just too big or simply look boring, PowerMaxx was set up to provide its customers with innovative, leading-edge, fashionable and compact portable charging devices that can be easily carried around and used in our daily lives.


My name is Alex Dempster and I run PowerMaxx. Based in the United Kingdom in Nottingham, our vision is to build PowerMaxx to become the market leader in charging technology, selling the very best products, implementing new charging ideas that improve the durability, style, practicality and safety of mobile charging devices all for your benefit.


As a company we take great care to source the very best designs, of the highest quality so that we can offer you, our customers, portable chargers that don't just work well - but are practical and look great too.


Charging towards innovation!