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Iphone 12 Review For Beginners


· Great new design that is a fantastic mix between old and now

· Thinner and lighter

· Blazingly fast

· 5G and MagSafe could become brilliant features in the future


· Battery life is average

· Camera is similar to last year

The Iphone 12 has an interesting new design which combines cutting edge design of the recent Iphone’s and they shape of the Iphone 5 era. The shape with it’s squarer edges does feel as though the phone sits more in the fingers, it does feel great though.

The 12 offers improvement in screen protection, Apple call this Ceramic Shield, it involves the use of nanoscale crystals in the glass improves drop protection by a factor of four (not that we fancy testing this at PowerMaxx!).

Drop tests testing this new function show interesting results. The front glass is stronger than the rear (which appears to crack first when dropped from around head height) and the front screen does indeed seem to be more durable. So for those who like to have their phone raw with no case, this Iphone hopefully will reduce the chances of cracking.

5G brings faster speeds and more robust connectivity to the new iPhone 12, but as 5G networks aren't yet fully deployed around the world, coverage is still patchy. When it works, it's incredibly fast.

MagSafe similarly could be great in the future, especially when 3rd party businesses create products to use along with the Iphone 12. MagSafe for those who don’t know is a magnetic connection method that prevents damage to your device or socket if you trip over your power cable. MagSafe for iPhone adds a magnetometer and a single-coil NFC reader. It basically uses magnets to help properly align your iPhone on a wireless charger. Previously, with a standard Qi wireless charger, if your phone wasn't perfectly aligned, it would charge much slower than normal.

The iPhone 12’s display is fantastic –last year Apple only used the OLED displays on the the Pro version, this year the Super Retina XDR Display has been brought to the more cost-effective iPhone 12. It offers rich colours and deep blacks, as well as bringing true HDR to the mix for compatible content.

The camera hasn’t improved in the same way other aspects of the phone have. However, that’s not to say it’s bad, to the average person the camera is still brilliant, it certainly does the job of capturing the everyday events in a great fashion. On the technical side, there are two cameras’, the main wide module has a 12 MP sensor behind a 26 mm-equivalent f/1.6 lens with optical image stabilization and phase detection autofocus. The second camera is an ultra-wide: 12 MP 1/3.6-inch sensor and 13 mm-equivalent (14 mm measured) f/2.4 lens. Other reviews have stated that there are possibly better camera’s on rival devices, for example the Samsung S20.

The Iphone 12 is definitely an improvement on the 11, the design is a major improvement and feels great in the hand, MagSafe and the 5G connectivity could be brilliant as they develop over time. Everything is not perfect, the negatives of an average battery life and possibly not a great improvement on the camera do bring the phone back to some of it’s rivals. Although, the useability of the Iphone’s throughout your life make it very hard for previous Apple customer’s to make the decision to switch to a different device.

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