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PowerMaxx - Our Roots From Our Founders Perspective

PowerMaxx was set up in 2020 during the first lockdown in the United Kingdom, I was just finishing university at Northumbria University and not entirely sure what I wanted to do in the future. I have always been interest in is entrepreneurial business, in fact this is what I studied during my time at Northumbria. I’d like to think that I am always coming up with solutions to problems or spotted ways to improve products or services and this was the reason that PowerMaxx came into existence.

PowerMaxx was born out of the frustration with current charging devices. Let’s start with charging cables, they break so easily don’t they? I could never understand why someone hadn’t created chargers that could rotate to stop the fraying of the cables. I also hated when unpacking my bag, I had to untangle various different charging cables, I thought surely this could be easier? I did some research and uncovered the technology needed to create what is in my view the best charging cable in the world, the MagMaxx cable. It is free from tearing or fraying and can charge all your devices. Gone are the days where you need 4 chargers, all you need now is the MagMaxx and the three connection tips that are constantly plugged into your devices.

For a long time now, smart phone companies have portrayed the message that their chargers are the ones that must be used, and that other cables can even damage your device. While this may be true for some poorly designed and manufactured cables, the truth is that there are more than a few third party charging cable manufacturers that easily surpass the build quality and reliability of the cables given out by these smart phone companies.

This MiniMaxx similarly was also created due to problems I saw with portable charging devices. Most portable chargers are big and chunky and are best used for long distance travel. They are only portable if you can carry them in a bag, which to me isn’t truly portable at all. What if you just needed a quick charge to keep your phone from dying but you didn’t want to have the hassle of carrying around a large PowerBank. That’s why the MiniMaxx was formed, to give people the ability to charge their devices quickly and easily, the MiniMaxx is magnetically wireless and also goes on your key ring, for me it defines portable charging.

PowerMaxx is a brand that centres around innovation, we strive to innovate and improve in every aspect of this business and the wider technological industry. We want and will make this company the very best in technological solutions, providing extremely high-quality products at affordable prices and offering you a stress-free customer journey throughout our store.

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