MagMaxx Individual Bundles

MagMaxx Individual Bundles

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The MagMaxx Individual bundles consists of 2 or 3 MagMaxx cables. This allows you and your family to charge your devices all over your home. Simply, plug the MagMaxx cables in various locations and keep your connector tips in your devices and connect magnetically instantly, charging has never been so easy!


The MagMaxx Charging Cable combines an innovative 540° rotating charger with two magnetic charging connectors, one cable can be used for all your devices. Our innovative design includes an extremely strong magnetic connection and fast charging technology. 

  • Charge all your devices with just one cable
  • 540° rotation - 180° vertical and 360° horizontal rotation
  • Fast Charging 
  • Perfect for using the device while charging
  • 3 connectors included – Type C, IOS and Micro USB