MagMaxx 3 in 1 Magnetic Fast Charging Cable

MagMaxx 3 in 1 Magnetic Fast Charging Cable

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Innovative, unique and well ahead of its time – the future-proofed detachable MagMaxx cable handles all your device charging needs from one high-quality source


The MagMaxx charging cable has been designed from the outset to provide you with simple, fast, efficient and innovative charging for all your devices. The MagMaxx makes charging your devices the most convenient it has ever been: gone are the days of struggling with identifying the right lead from a mess of tangled cables; gone are the days of taking several cables on holiday or in your portable luggage and gone are the days where you have to struggle to connect a cable to your device not quite sure which way up the connector fits!


The MagMaxx cable does it all – and it does it all from one single lead. Simply plug our high-quality magnetic connectors into your different devices and use the detachable MagMaxx cable to charge any of them as you wish. The MagMaxx cable uses anti-fraying technology in the form of a 540° rotating head to combat any possible damage to your cable, providing a robust high-quality detachable product to charge and use your devices easily.


  • Charge all your devices with just one cable
  • 540° rotation - 180° vertical and 360° horizontal rotation
  • Fast Charging 
  • Perfect for using the device while charging
  • 3 connectors included – Type C, IOS and Micro USB